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Digital-marketing in medicine from the NetLab web studio

We are engaged in the development, promotion and support of medical resources.

Have you created a website, set up a context, but no sales have appeared?

Opening a clinic or medical center and don't know where to start?

Рейтинг Рунета
Рейтинг Рунета

We help to get results without astronomical investments

We will analyze your capabilities in the digital environment, everything else is as it is

Services for the medical business

Creating or updating a digital strategy:

  • analysis of the competitive environment and positioning
  • USP formation
  • website development, Landing Page creation
  • development of an advertising company
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Business automation and building integrations:

  • development of a patient's personal account
  • integration with MIS
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Reputation management:

  • Negative neutralization
  • Positive reviews on the sites
  • Promotion in aggregators (DocDoc, Prodoctorov)
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Promotion of medical sites:

  • Setting up contextual advertising
  • SEO promotion
  • SMM
  • Targeted advertising on sites
  • Setting up analytic systems, setting goals and improving performance
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Get a commercial offer

Our services are needed when

  • No sales or the conversion rate is minimal
  • You opened a new clinic and don't know how to advertise it
  • With adequate advertising costs, low conversion, advertising does not pay off
  • You want to increase patient loyalty and automate the processes of interaction with them
  • Poor online reputation
  • You have a contractor, but you doubt his competence in the field of medicine

Benefits of working with us

  • We build a strategy and draw up a proposal based on the problems and tasks of your business
  • We work with the minimum monthly budgets of the clinic
  • We prepare monthly reports and hold discussions with clients on the achieved goals
  • We know all the subtleties of working with specialized resources
  • Extensive experience in reputation management
  • Own staff of developers, designers and targetologists

By contacting us you get:

  • Online marketing expert with experience in the medical field
  • UX specialist with experience in the medical field
  • integrator with experience in the medical field
  • SEO specialist with experience in the medical field
  • SMM specialist with experience in the medical field
  • Targetologist with experience in the medical field

Our services are suitable for you if:

You paid for the website, set up advertising, and there are no sales or there are very few of them.
You are the director of a medical organization and feel that you do not have enough time, to build an advertising strategy correctly and with a reputation, dig into the "turnover", but other organizations are growing in this direction.
The services are used by Online marketing experts and employees responsible for sales of medical organizations.
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